Feeling tired after checking out our vintage car collection?
Or maybe you just want to sit down for a cool bevy? We’ve got you!

Drop by Kebon cafe to have a delicious variety of meals, a snack, a good cup of local coffee or a round of beers with friends and family!

Enjoy the colourful retro decor, take photos, sit back and enjoy live music from amazing local musicians too! Our place is perfect for gatherings too!

We have an international menu but if you’re looking for something local, the Kebon Crispy Duck rijsttafel and crispy eggplant with soysauce are customer favourites!

There’s something for everyone!

Want to hold an event at Kebon? Be it a birthday, arisan, gathering, anniversary or launching product?
Drop us a message below, and we’ll organize it for you!



    If you have any questions regarding your visit to Kebon, or if you’d like to book our venue for an event, or rent our cars, simply drop us a message with your name and contact, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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